by nihilnovisubsole

Генерал Олег Петровский



The 5:30 train clattered around their ears and under their feet.

"How old are you?"

Carlos held onto the pole in front of him. “Why?”

"Just curious."


He kept his eyes down. Rosie rested her hand on her hip. Signs flashed past and lit their faces white - blue - yellow.

"… Well, I turned 26 last month."

Whatever Rosie blurted out, it sounded angry.


"Nothing!" Rosie shook her head and tried to assuage him. "Nothing." She lowered her voice and studied her shoes in thought. "I keep forgetting how young I am."

Carlos leaned in to listen.

"I mean - you know…" Rosie touched the toe of one boot to the floor - "… I’m only three years older than you."

"Wh—" Carlos shorted out. "No way!" He tripped over his own tongue. "But you look so…" Too late. "Uhh…"

Rosie’s eyebrows hiked up…

"… Mature.”

She blinked.

Carlos looked like he could taste the foot in his mouth. “Sorry.”

But Rosie laughed. Short. Soft. Good-natured.

"It’s all right." She waved it off and sank into the closest plastic seat. "I forgive you." Her smile faded. "But maybe it shows to you how different our lives have been."

"Johnny told me you did some hard stuff before you came to America." Carlos watched her drape her arm under the window. "But he said he didn’t know what."

"He doesn’t. No-one does." Rosie took in the view from over her shoulder. "That’s…" she scratched at her temple - "probably for the best - at least for now."

"Damn." Carlos rubbed his neck. "That bad, huh."

They fell again into quiet. The shadow of the nuclear plant drifted by on the horizon, and wait, Rosie thought. That’s it. The old rumored revenge trick for gangs in the countryside.



"Look at me."

He did. Rosie gestured to herself, down the front of her open jacket.

"Is this what you want?"

“Rosie…” Carlos insisted. “Come on. I told you.” He implored her on big eyes and hunched shoulders. “I’m loyal.”

Rosie sighed - and hesitated - and finally dropped her hand.

"All right." Her legs uncrossed to brace her as the train slowed to a halt. "Then I can give it to you."

Carlos huffed. “Thank you.”

"But you’re very young." Rosie stood. "And very innocent." She stared him dead in the eye and held his arm like a vise, and the doors hissed open behind her. "And I hope - when this is finished…" she turned and stepped off - "… you think it over one more time."

The doors shut.

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2014-02-24 в 20:03 

все крутое
и текст и кратинка

2014-02-25 в 12:00 

Как раз на днях думала, как же жалко в этой истории Карлоса.
Зачётная вещь. И картинка, и фик.


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