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After our post confirming you will be able to import your SRIV Boss into SR: Gat out of Hell we received a ton of additional questions. So here is some more detailed info:

— Can you select a save file or does it pull the most recent one?
You will not be able to select a specific save file. The most recent save of any kind (either Autosave or a manual save) will be automatically pulled.

— If you don’t have an SRIV save file what will you see?
Without an importable save file you will get the default white male boss you see in the announce trailer. There is not option to change what Boss you see.

— What voice will your customized Boss have in SRGat?
We have a full assortment of Male and Female voice options, including Nolan North, in SRGat.

— Does this work on all systems?
Yup! If you have an SRIV save file for that system, it will import it. This applies to Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

— How far into game do you need to play SRIV in order to get a save file that qualifies?
If you beat the opening mission, go through initial Character Creation, and then create a save while in the White House mission and quit the game then your save file will work for importation into SRGat.

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